Tales (Tantrums) of a Two Year Old

Most of my writing is really for my own benefit. It gives me space to process all the strange things in my life–tantrums, diapers, snot, whatever–and try to give it context that makes sense. It calms me down and helps me with my parenting.

I couldn’t be level headed and loving as much as I am without this. My space where, even if no one reads it, I can tell myself that other parents are relating to my plight.

My wonderful oldest daughter is two now. It’s amazing! She is so funny, smart, adorable, and has the most interesting personality, but she is getting extremely defiant. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is my kid when I tell her not to do something (ex. Don’t stick your hand in the litter box) and she gives me this grin, tilts her head to the side, and leans in closer. Just like her mommy. It’s maddening, though. Today she even climbed over the fence, turned around and smiled, and said, “Mommy, I love you very much.” As if to say, I love you but I’m going to do what I want.

And that really is the emerging theme here. She is TWO and is discovering how much she can do. I asked my mom a few days ago what I was like at this age and she said, “Well, I just had to keep you…engaged.” Oh! Makes sense to me.–if Karissa isn’t engaged then she’s pouring water on the floor/playing in cat litter/climbing the cat tree. I have to remind myself sometimes that she is still new to the world, so even if she acts like it, she doesn’t know if something is dangerous or irritating me, she is just discovering!

And Madilyn is almost one, so she is watching her big sister like, hey that looks fun. Hopefully this will expedite the process of being two years old for Madi and then we can just be done.

I read something great last night though that really hit home. I had had an awful evening with Karissa climbing everything and really pushing my buttons, so much so that I just screamed a frustrated scream before sitting down to cry. After I put them to bed I read a story about when this girl was a kid they got a kitten, and the kitten went over and started to claw the couch so her dad picked the cat up and put it outside. Thirteen years later that cat still clawed the couch every time it wanted to go out. We have to be careful what we teach.

So anyway, I’m not sure what the point is. For anyone else out there experiencing an adventurous, bored, bold toddler, hang in there.



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